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Spring 2004 - Present

Photos from Brandon, Laura, Courtney, Sean, Alexa, Patrick, Dean and Miriam.

Older Photos

2002 - Spring 2004

Brandon's earlier digital photos

Graduating high school class, 1998

Even Older Photos

13.7 billion years ago - 2002

These photos are mostly from the pre-digital camera era!

Masyu puzzles


Minesweeper, Solitaire Battleships, Masyu/Pearls, SameGame, etc.

16 Piece Puzzle

Puzzle collection!

A large collection of logic and other puzzles.

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Puzzles from the Quest

2003 - 2004 archive of Reed College Quest Puzzles! column

Silhouetted bunny

OpenGL Projects

A collection of OpenGL projects with source code from when I was taking a computer graphics course with Jim Fix.

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